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I put in my order yesterday using my Chase Visa card and got a call minutes later from a woman with a heavy Russian accent trying to verify my order. I got a odd feeling from that but decided to verify my purchase anyway. Later that night Chase sent me a fraud alert informing me my card was being processed in China and again at a woman's clothing store in New York. As a man living in California there's zero reason for my card to be used in a... Read more

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This company is forever calling me even though I don't need or even have the medication anymore. They constantly harass me at all hours. I would suggest anyone considering this company to think twice. Regardless how nice or nasty you are to them, they always call. And always from different numbers. I hate this company and if it were the only company in the world dispensing a drug critical for my existence, I would not use them. Read more

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They keep calling and sending emails.Their "drugs" are UNKNOWN herbal (?) supplements and NOT the products listed by them and may be DANGEROUS to your health ! WARNING: Let the buyer beware !I receive at least 20 emails a week from them.I receive at least 10 phone calls per week from numbers that change all the time;some from supposed local exchanges.I have told them flat out that I will NEVER order from them.BEST RESULTS I've had in dealing... Read more

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I have ordered meds from mycanadianpharmacy several times and have no complaints. The meds were legit and the pricing fair. They do have a long wait for shipment. Add comment

They keep calling and calling and...... Day and night 5-6 times a day and when you block them they keep emailing and when you block email they have found a way to use their whats app to harrass you and when you don't answer their whatsapp, whatsapp leaves a voice message on you email an anan an an an an an an an an aaaan a nba na an aaaaaaaa a haa aa aa aa aa aa a a a aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa a aaa aa aa aa aa... Read more

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I made a purchase online with MCP, using a credit card that has no other use (so I can track it). The card was declined (fortunately). I received a call from the bank within 30 minutes stating that there were two charges attempted on my account. One was for the amount of my order, but it was for a location in China (I'm in the US, and MCP claims to be in Canada). The second charge was also made in China for an amount greater than the amount... Read more

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the calls, the spam mail, and the e-mails that say " confirm your address" with your city named. and the mails asking you to confirm your phone number also stated in e-mail. these people are a pain in the *** !!!! I ordered once from them years ago... they got order wrong, and I had the c/c charges reversed. but still they call..... they will not remove me from their list. I think they use people that are on commision only, how do I get them to... Read more

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I recently received a prescription for Lovenox Enoxaparin NA (blood thinner) after shattering my pelvis. The doctor prescribed .4 MLS daily to be injected by myself. My wife picked the prescription at a Shoppers Drug Mart. As the Pharmacy did not have .4 MLS syringe they provided .6 MLS and directed that I expel .2 MLS before injecting myself. Although using the prescription, I am having a difficult time to ensure that I expel exactly .2... Read more

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they told me my order did not go through the first time and to re-order it so I did and ow it is saying they are both magically being processed and so now I am being charged twice for a peat order that they told me to make. Over 200 dollars worth and they wont answer me when I try to contact them about it and tell them one needs to be canceled due to their mistake and mis information. This is a scam I am sure and I am gonna do everything I can... Read more

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Order 7321978 was paid by credit card, $150, which I will now have to try to dispute. The order was not received and the phone support number is here in Florida but no one answers it. I ordered thyroid meds - I truly need the meds to be healthy but I have no insurance and retired on a very fixed income. I am not eligible for Medicare because of my age and can't afford ACA insurance. Ordering on line seemed to good to be true but I took a... Read more

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