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Ordered 120 generic Prozac for $94.00 including shipping. Was told to wait 7-21 business days...Nothing.

I was then told my order had been intercepted by US customs and that it would take longer to ship. When I asked for a refund they suggested I order something else from them instead, and I would have a $94 credit with them. How generous, your going to credit my account the $94 that I just lost to you guys, thanks. If I wanted something else, I would have order something else in the first place.

Not to mention I never received the item, so of course why shouldn't I try it again? Now told to wait 7-21 business days to process my refund.

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Well, since it is against federal law to import medications I would consider yourself lucky customs did not peruse an arrest. And there are many other reasons it is a bad idea to order meds online, chief among them would be the high counterfeit rate and often disgusting "manufacturing" facilities.

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